Looking for a unique way to complete your onboarding, training or recruitment program?

Over 12,000 people have played our games.

For onboarding and recruitment of new employees, as well as school and college students.


Our onboarding module boost company understanding, colleague engagement and fun. They ignite passion and connection, leaving participants ready and excited to work at ASML. All this achieved without a presentation or speech!

We develop Coded Games: a unique form of “serious games” where players work together to find answers and solutions by deciphering different codes. Creativity, collaboration and effective communication are essential to the game. While playing the game, new connections are formed and innovation is stimulated. With no prior knowledge required, every player joins as an equal – a totally level playing field!  

Why? Coded Games are real game-changers, they promote “learning by doing” and encourage players to become intrinsically motivated to explore and understand. Players of “serious games” actively develop their skills, at the same time observing and appreciating the skills and expertise of the other players.

ASML is deploying the following Coded Games:

  • Onsite Experience Game, onboarding & recruitment
    Veldhoven (NL), Wilton (USA)
  • Hybrid Experience Game, recruitment
    Veldhoven (NL)
  • Train-the-Trainer video, training host
    Veldhoven (NL), Wilton (USA)

3 Coded Games for ASML:

Onsite Experience Game

This game is located at various ASML locations, including the Experience Center in Veldhoven. The Experience Game is part of the onboarding program and is Module 3 at Veldhoven (NL) and Wilton (USA).

The game is also part of the program for visiting students, teachers and other guests.

Players learn about the main topics within ASML: Light, Movement, Scale, Optics, Chips and Coding. When the 6 games are completed, there is one final challenge to conquer to finish the experience. The game can be played by 6 teams at the same time, each team playing with their own codes.

Hybrid Experience Game

This portable game is designed to be used in schools, with the intention to enthuse them about technique and inform them about ASML. The hybrid experience game is made up of two elements, an online section and a physical toolbox, which contains items such as a refractometer (which calculates the refractive index of a liquid), a blacklight and a cleanroom suit. You need both elements to play. Again, players learn about the main topics within ASML: Light, Movement, Scale, Optics, Chips and Coding.

If desired, the input can be adjusted to a specific subject or department.

Online Experience Game

This Online Experience Game is all about bringing employees together, connecting players from different cities, countries and time zones. It’s a tool within itself, but can also be used as an addition to team meetings, keeping departments on their toes and injecting a bit of competitiveness between teams. Play the game in episodes and implement each theme as desired.

The game can include a 30-second teaser to set the tone, and a wrap-up video explaining the stages that were completed and how they relate to ASML.

2 Additionals:


– Train-the-trainer

A video that explains the rules so that every host can confidently facilitate the game.

– How you did it! How we do it!

This wrap-up video is shown after playing the Onsite Experience Game. The connection between the games and ASML.

Coded Games VS Serious Games

With a Coded Game, we use the gameplay method similar to an escape room. So, you’re always looking for a code, color, letter, or shape. Everyone plays the game as equals because no prior knowledge is required.

You’ll know right away if you got it right.

The results:

  • Surprise and motivate your employees
  • A lasting experience
  • Connection among new employees
  • Unique, smart, original and social
  • No presentation, but a learning experience by exploring yourself


Data from our post training surveys clearly show the impact of the Experience Game.  Participants regularly state that it helped them engage with colleagues, understand the company, and that they had fun doing so.  As a facilitator of this game I can see how this activity sparks a passion and connection to the company that a traditional power point would be unable to do.  Our participants end this game feeling ready and excited for the next challenge in work.  This game has such a great reputation that other groups have requested it for team building. 

Jaclyn Larkin – ASML Wilton
Learning and Development 

“The game was well put together. The explanation of the game became clear quickly. The students were very motivated and had a great time for those 100 minutes. (They didn’t even react to the break signals.)”

Bram Vervoort / Provil Lommel, Belgium