Do you want something unique for your event? Whether it’s for employees or teams?

Over 12,000 people have played our games. 

Choose a game with dynamic content, at your own location!

Consider Serious Games if:

You find it challenging to come up with a unique and original element for your event.

New ideas, creativity, and innovation are a struggle.

You prefer a straightforward introduction without clichés.

You’re short on time but want to organize something enjoyable.

Coded Club has the perfect game!

Let’s GO!

  • Duration: 30-90 min
  • Available for 5 teams or more (> 100 participants)
  • Teams of 4-6 people
  • Activity with long lasting effect
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Encourage to get to know each other (better)
  • Even for those who claim not to like games
  • Starting from €45 per person

Let’s PLAY!

Every team receives an envelope with the game sheets at the start. It clearly explains how to download the app and what the objective is. The goal is to do as many games as possible and collect points within the given time. You don’t have to do all the games, so choose the ones that suit you or seem the most fun.

Once everyone has downloaded the app, logged in, and taken the team photo, the timer starts. Have fun!

Coded Games VS Serious Games

In a Coded Game, we use the methodology of an Escape Room, so everyone plays on equal ground—no specific knowledge required.

The results:

  • Motivated colleagues
  • The content sticks better by discovering yourself
  • Unique, playful, interesting, original, good, smart, sustainable, inclusive

Join those who’ve gone before you, like:

Our compliments to Coded Club. A partner that, with complete flexibility and almost impossible speed, has managed to create a fantastic Escape Game that exceeded our expectations. A valuable collaboration that we look forward to continuing in the future!

Rick van Vliet/SKAI/DGSenB/Ministry of Justice and Security

Youké‘s Expertise Day kicked off this year with the personalized Coded Game. The teams showcased their most enthusiastic side! A fun way to get to know colleagues (in a completely different way).

Nina Petzoldt – Youké

Coded Club’s work is characterized by an accessible form that challenges GLOW visitors to delve into often complex subjects. The chosen gaming format guides you step by step, making complexity simple and turning mundane into engaging!

Ronald Ramakers – GLOW

To sum it up:

  • Simple preparation
  • Fully taken care of
  • Sustainable materials
  • Well-executed
  • Starting from €45 per person
  • Possible inclusion of hosts
  • Possible inclusion of an intro video, invitation
  • Possible connection with the organization’s objectives