Are you looking for a unique activity for your opening, event, or anniversary?

Over 12,000 people have played our games. 

Rent a game with dynamic content, at your own location!

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Lets GO!

  • Duration: 10-20 min / 30 min / 60 min
  • Play in teams of 2-4 people
  • Sustainable activity
  • Fully taken care of
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Customized with games about your company
  • Promotes easy interaction
  • Includes a game host
  • Rent from €2,500 per set per session

Coded Games VS Serious Games

In a Coded Game, we use the methodology of an Escape Room, so everyone plays on equal ground—no specific knowledge required.

The games are diverse:

  • Locate the company’s premises
  • Discover various functions within the company
  • Discover a secret email address
  • Create a video and photo with the right content
  • Use secret codes and special paper
  • Listen to sound fragments and discover…

The results:

  • Enjoy motivated and enthusiastic guests.
  •  It’s a memorable experience that stands out
  • unique, playful, interesting, original, good, smart, sustainable, and inclusive.

Join those who’ve gone before you, like:

“We are very happy with the Heijmans escape boxes by Coded Club! The games are challenging and teach candidates about Heijmans. It also generates a lot of interaction at the fair—everyone wants to come play!”

Elisa de Klerk – Heijmans

Data from our post training surveys clearly show the impact of the Experience Game.  Participants regularly state that it helped them engage with colleagues, understand the company, and that they had fun doing so.  As a facilitator of this game I can see how this activity sparks a passion and connection to ASML that a traditional power point would be unable to do.  Our participants end this game feeling ready and excited for the next challenge in work.  This game has such a great reputation that other groups have requested it for team building. 

Jackie Larkin – ASML

To sum it up:

  • Simple preparation
  • Fully taken care of
  • Sustainable materials
  • Well-executed
  • Relevant to your company
  • From €2,500 per game set
  • Includes a host
  • Possible inclusion of an intro video, invitation